Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chug chug chuggin' along

Hi, thought I'd drop in and catch everyone up on the latest. We are working on securing a location for the show, don't want to announce it yet, not until it's signed, sealed and delivered. I know you understand.

I can tell you that we are looking at the downtown Donelson area, a highly visible location with a lot of drive-by traffic. I think it is a fantastic spot, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the owners will accept our offer and terms. I'll blog and tweet as soon as I get the news, trust me! 

Join us on Facebook, give us some feedback and help us build the show you want to be a part of. We are always open for suggestions, after all this is our first venture into the Nashville area, even though I grew up in Nashville.  And tell your artsy crafty friends to join  us, I'll be blogging some craft show marketing tips and promo stuff soon. I hope you find it interesting. 

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